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CEART Allegation by ZENKYO 3/11 Disaster
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Zenkyo 32nd Regular congress― Zenkyo invited SNES, the Secondary School Teachers’ Union in France
Zenkyo convened the 32nd regular congress on February 14 and 15 in Tokyo. The percentage of female delegates who participated in the congress reached 25 percent and many young delegates led the discussion. After active participation in the debate over two days, delegates adopted 16 resolutions including ones on its action policy in 2015 to 16 and on its 3-year organizing plan. The Congress elected executive board members for 2015 -2016.    


【NEWS】October 01, 2014
Meeting with South Korean Teacher’s Union
For Working Together to Take UP Common Challenges

On October 1, 2014, ZENKYO sent Mr. Shozo KANISAWA and Hisashi NAKAMURA, both its National Executive Committee members to South Korea and have a meeting with the Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union (KTU).  They met with Mr. Kim jeong hun , KTU President, and exchanged views on education in Japan and South Korea.

【NEWS】August 16 ,2014
Education Forum7 “Challenges for Children and School Three and Half Years after March 11”
Since 2011, “National Assembly for Educational Research” has taken up this topic every year.  The Forum in 2011 heard the reports from the region hit by the earthquake and tsunami and shared the information about the enormity and gravity of the damage.  In 2012 and 2013, the participants were to face the realities of the local communities hit by the disaster struggling to recover from the destruction.  The most touching moment in this year’s forum was when a high school student from Fukushima spoke about the situation in his prefecture, another high school student from Aichi Prefecture who had worked as a volunteer in the reconstruction operation in Fukushima stood up to say that they should work together hand in hand “in solidarity” .  

【NEWS】August 19 ,2014
“Educational Forum for Opening up a New Vista of the 21st Century” – 2014 National Assembly for Educational Research in Kagawa
“2014 National Assembly for Educational Research in Kagawa” was held in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture from August 16 to 18.  5,000 people in total including teachers, parents and citizens participated in this three-day event.  The event included 7 forums and 28 workshops with the overall theme of “Let us Learn and Talk about the Constitution – For an Education Giving Life to the Constitution and the Convention of the Rights of the Child”. The participants had enthusiastic discussions and exchanged their views.

【NEWS】July 1,2014
ZENKYO Delegation Submits to CEART Additional Information regarding Teachers’ Long and Intensive Work and Problem of Temporary Teachers
ZENKYO delegation made up of representatives of its local affiliates on July 1st called on the CEART Secretariat at ILO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. They presented additional information regarding the allegation filed on January 8th concerning excessively long intensive work of teachers and the increased use of temporary teaching staff.  They learned that the CEART had on two occasions requested the Government of Japan to reply to ZENKYO allegation.  They also got inputs regarding the challenges that teachers unions in the world have to take up, including deteriorating working conditions and increasing precarious employment of teachers. 

【NEWS】May 15,2014
International Symposium

ZENKYO on May15 held the “International Symposium on Decent Work of Teachers in the Light of ILO Recommendations”.  Mr. Roger Ferrari of SNES France and Ms. Ana Gaspar of FENPROF Portugal took part in it and reported about the working conditions of teachers and education policy in their respective countries, both members of the European Union. 

【NEWS】March 29,2014
Rally to Stop Abe’s Education “Revival” Plan and to Preserve and Implement the Constitution --- over 2,700 people including many teachers and school staff from all over Japan participated
More than 2,700 enthusiastic and engaged people from across the country gathered in the “March 39 Rally” co-organized by ZENKYO, Education Trade Union Liaison and the National Center for Children held at Hibiya Outdoor Music Hall in downtown Tokyo to hat Prime Minister’s “education revival plan”.  The Rally also received support and messages from 44 trade unions and 70 individuals all over Japan.  The South Korean Teachers’ Union KTU as well as the NUTP of Malaysia also sent their messages of solidarity.

【NEWS】December 2,2013
The Big Assembly in Fukushima, “No Nuclear Power Plants! Take Back Safety Fukushima”

“11.2 The Big Assembly in Fukushima, No Nuclear Power Plants! Take Back Safety Fukushima” convened at Arakawa Athletic Park in Fukushima City on November 2nd, 2013. 7,000 people attended the assembly including more than 70 members of ZENKYO.

【NEWS】March 9,2014
3/9 NO NUKES DAY, “No Nuclear Power Plants Anymore! We Are Against to Reopen Closed Nuclear Power Plants”

On March 9th, 2014, there were demonstrations for eliminating of Nuclear Power Plants, “Don’t Forget an accident of Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plants! We Are Against to Reopen Closed Nuclear Power Plants.” 3 years have passed since the accident.

【NEWS】March 1,2014
Bikini Day events convened in Shizuoka Prefecture for 60th anniversary of Hydrogen Bombs Test

Bikini Day events convened in Shizuoka Prefecture from February 27th to March 1st, 2014. From whole country, many people participated in the event and peace rally to Kotokuin for tomb of Kuboyama Aikichi who left famous message, “I want to be a last person of victim of Hydrogen Bombs.”

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