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CEART Allegation by ZENKYO 3/11 Disaster
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【CEART Allegation】July 2, 2014
Additional information on the allegation by Zenkyo on problems concerning the work of teachers in Japan
In addition to the allegation by Zenkyo dated on January 8, 2014, we hereby submit following additional information on a) state of women teachers in Japan, b) situation in prefectural level, and c) situation of temporary employment teachers. We wish these will be treated as additional information on actual situation at schools in Japan to support the original allegation

【Zenkyo Statement】July 1,2014
We Protest the Cabinet Meeting Decision Approving the Exercise of the Right to Collective Defense
ZENKYO announced the statement of Secretary-General valley Kenji Imatani in now about the matter written on the cover on July 1.

【CEART Allegation】January 8, 2014
Problems concerning the work of teachers in Japan
ZENKYO Submitted CEART Allegations in 2013 on Problems concerning the Work of Teachers.

【Zenkyo Statement】December 7, 2013
Statement on the “State Secret Law” The Central Executive Committee All Japan Teachers and Staffs Union (ZENKYO)
ZENKYO declares resolutely opposing enactment of the bill of "State Secret Law" that
subverts democracy fundamentally.

【Zenkyo Statement】November 27, 2013
Statement on the bill of “partial amendment of the free upper secondary education and financial aid systems (elimination free upper secondary education)”
The Central Executive Committee
All Japan Teachers and Staffs Union (ZENKYO)

ZENKYO protests strongly that a bill of “to eliminate free upper secondary education”

【3/11 Disaster】November 3,2013
Tour of Fukushima, “Fukushima wo Miru, Aruku, Kangaeru (Watch, Walk and Think of Fukushima)”

On November 3rd, 2013, ZENKYO planned a tour of Fukushima, “Action of Watch, Walk and Think of Fukushima. Two Years and Eight months have passed since the accident of Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plants”, cooperated with Fukushima High School Teachers and Staff Union. There are 24 participants from all parts of the country, and they visited Iidate-mura, Minamisōma-shi and Namie-machi.

【3/11 Disaster】March 29,2013
Two Years after the Great East Japan Earthquake
 Two and a half years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake and the accident of Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plants occurred in March 2011. Teachers and staff have been continuing efforts in the affected areas that haven’t even proceeded restoration and recovery works.

Nobiru Elementary School, Higashi Matsushima
2 and a half years has passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake, children still study at temporary prefabricated school yet.

【3/11 Disaster】March 28,2012
Actions for Relief of Victims of the East Japan Great Earthquake, Tsunami and Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant Accident
 On March 11, 2011, at 2:46 p.m., a big earthquake of magnitude 9.0 on Richter scale, followed by a gigantic tidal wave or tsunami, hit vast areas in East Japan.  It caused a tremendous damage: 15,846 people died while 3,317 others are still reported missing (figures provided by the government on February 8, 2012).  Huge tsunami that rushed to the Pacific coast of the Main Island (Honshu) utterly destroyed and washed away many towns and villages, claiming a large number of human lives.  The disaster also took away from those who narrowly escaped death their houses, their jobs and their peaceful day-to-day life with all the fond memories.

【CEART Allegation】April 20-28, 2008
Report of the Fact-finding mission to examine allegations of non-application of the Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers in Japan

【CEART Allegation】June 24, 2002
Allegation concerning the non-application of provisions of the 1966 “Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers” 、Submitted on June 24, 2002

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