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CEART Allegation by ZENKYO 3/11 Disaster
【NEWS】February 27,2015
Donation for Emergency Aid to Syrian Refugees
On February 13, Zenkyo donated 1 million yen through UNHCR to Syrian refugees, especially for the child support. On February 27th, Mr. Takanobu Himori, Board Member and Executive Director of UNHCR, and Ms. Megumi Nakamura, Assistant Executive Director visited Zenkyo and handed a letter of appreciation to President   Yoshihisa Kitamura and Mr. Takae Takura, Director of International Affairs.

It has been 4 years since the Syrian Conflict erupted. Due to the instability of government since 2011, the number of Syrian refugees has been drastically increasing; 7 million people overseas and 4 million inside the country. This fund will be used for aid project mainly in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey and Egypt, which have suffered impacts from the influx of a large number of refugees. In the winter of 2014, UNHCR originally planned to give aid to 1.4 million refugees in the coldest areas in Syria such as Aleppo, however, assistant budgets are vastly insufficient, and it only has for half the number. With 5 thousand yen it can provide a family-sized tent.
UNHCR stands for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and it was established in 1950. It has taken action to protect and support refugees and resolve their problems worldwide. It has won two Nobel Peace Prizes, once in 1954 and again in1981. Its headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland. It has been running relief operations in about 125 countries. In the disaster caused by typhoon 30th in Philippines, Zenkyo also donated through UNHCR.

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