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CEART Allegation by ZENKYO 3/11 Disaster
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Zenkyo launches a new effort in the new school year

“Sensei Fuyaso campaign”, which means “a campaign to increase teachers” organizing committee was established. This campaign was proposed by 15people, including the president of Zenkyo, researchers, educators and lawyers. The committee started an online petition to demand that the government increase teachers drastically on April 15.

Zenkyo holds the 36th Annual Congress
It is at a crucial stage to defend the Constitution, children, school and education.

Zenkyo had the 36 Annual Congress in Tokyo on February 9th and 10th. Zenkyo’s 65 union members made the following various reports across the country: struggles to block the revision of the Constitution, a current situation concerning children and education, what we have to do to improve excessive long working hours as well as a fresh three-year project aiming to increase union members.
Many union members said that now was the important time to proceed with Zenkyo’s effort with the cooperation of a large number of people because teachers’ excessive long working hours gain a lot of public attention.

The 57th Zenkyo central committee appeal was adopted

Zenkyo held the 57th Central Committee in Tokyo from June 24th to 25th. We discussed the struggles to stop amendment Article 9 of the Constitution and Abe’s “Educational Rebuild”, the efforts to promote democratic education guaranteeing the growth and development of all children, and elimination of teacher’s long working hours.

Because it was a central committee held under serious political and social situations, it enthusiastically discussed on the amendment of the Constitution, Abe’s “Educational Rebuild”. In addition, improvement of educational conditions such as increasing the number of teachers, advancing small-sized classes, and free education, elimination of long working hours which is a demand from our members, and efforts to strengthen and organize stronger Zenkyo were also discussed.

At the Central Committee, eight resolutions such as plan of upcoming struggle were adopted. Then it approved the central committee appeal to “Demand for great change of politics! Let's expand the circle of colleagues who pursue education based on the Constitution and the Convention on the Rights of the Child” unanimously, and closed.

No Revision of the Article 9 by Abe’s government! Rallies and assemblies at more than 200 nationwide

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe state, “The existence of the Self-Defense Forces should be clearly defined in Article 9 of the Constitution.” and he tries to make Japan “war capable nation”. Under the slogan of “Do not send children to a battlefield again”, Zenkyo campaigns to defend article 9 with full force. Zenkyo Members actively participated in more than 200 nationwide actions such as constitutional rallies, marches, and a publicity campaign.

Zenkyo Holds International Symposium with 3 Overseas Delegates

Zenkyo and the Research Institute of Democracy and Education (RIDE) held the “International Symposium for the Struggle against the Attack on Teachers’ Professionality and Stronger Control over Teachers” on February 19 in Tokyo.

United Nations Conference to prohibit Nuclear Weapons · Report of Action in New York
3 young members of Zenkyo joined in the Gensuikyo delegation to New York, on the occasion of the UN Conference to negotiate a treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons, from June 15 to 20. They observed the Conference, collecting petitions on the streets in Manhattan, joined in the Women’s March, as well as participated in the Youth Exchange Meeting. It was great opportunity for participants to touch upon the current of the international community and its growing public opinion for the treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons.

ZENKYO Representative went to Nepal and visited a community center in the mountainous area built by using the support funds from ZENROREN and ZENKYO.He had exchange with the villagers.

ZENKYO’s Vice President Hejikata was in Nepal for a four-day tour from the 10th October together with ZENROREN International Director and A French CGT Representative. They visited a community center located in the eastern mountainous part of the country that was constructed with the relief fund for the big earthquake disaster. On that occasion, they met with the Chairman of GEFONT, the Nepalese national trade union center and some officers.  In addition, a meeting was held with the Chairperson of the teachers and staff union NNTA and its Secretary General. They had exchange of information about the situation of education in their respective countries and the activities of the teachers and staff union.

【NEWS】February 27,2015
Donation for Emergency Aid to Syrian Refugees
On February 13, Zenkyo donated 1 million yen through UNHCR to Syrian refugees, especially for the child support. On February 27th, Mr. Takanobu Himori, Board Member and Executive Director of UNHCR, and Ms. Megumi Nakamura, Assistant Executive Director visited Zenkyo and handed a letter of appreciation to President   Yoshihisa Kitamura and Mr. Takae Takura, Director of International Affairs.

Zenkyo 32nd Regular congress― Zenkyo invited SNES, the Secondary School Teachers’ Union in France
Zenkyo convened the 32nd regular congress on February 14 and 15 in Tokyo. The percentage of female delegates who participated in the congress reached 25 percent and many young delegates led the discussion. After active participation in the debate over two days, delegates adopted 16 resolutions including ones on its action policy in 2015 to 16 and on its 3-year organizing plan. The Congress elected executive board members for 2015 -2016.    


【NEWS】October 01, 2014
Meeting with South Korean Teacher’s Union
For Working Together to Take UP Common Challenges

On October 1, 2014, ZENKYO sent Mr. Shozo KANISAWA and Hisashi NAKAMURA, both its National Executive Committee members to South Korea and have a meeting with the Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union (KTU).  They met with Mr. Kim jeong hun , KTU President, and exchanged views on education in Japan and South Korea.

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